Last updated:March 11, 2022
Thank you for your constant support to PWS. Today, PWS Office has several requests. Although you may already be aware, we kindly ask for your cooperation about the following:


Before your trip:

Before your travel for academic meeting and research, consult with your supervisor and obtain permission. In addition, follow the procedures stipulated by your department.

After your trip:

You will fill out the research activity report and submit it to report[at] Please have your mentor check your report before submitting it to [].

The boarding passes of Airplane, Ferry, etc.
Please keep and submit every boarding passes as soon as possible after your travel.

For faculty:
Please inform this procedure to the students regularly. The PWS Office has been informing the necessary procedures to the students repeatedly, but there are still some students (especially those who are not PWS students but participate in the Field Courses) who have lost their boarding passes.

Reimbursement for goods

For students who want reimbursement, you MUST inform the PWS Office in advance before making the purchase, due to the fact that there is no guarantee you will be reimbursed. We also ask that you inform us in advance, as the Administration bureau in North Campus requires the "Application for Reimbursement Approval" to be submitted 2 weeks before reimbursement. The PWS Office will fill out and submit the form, so please make sure you let us know in details what you will be purchasing. In regards to reimbursement during your international travels (i.e., vaccinations, possible utilization of taxis in a foreign country), please inform us before your departure.
In order for reimbursement, please submit the original receipt within 2 weeks of purchase.
Whether you are a Professor, Researcher or faculty member, when you want reimbursement for something that costs over 100,000 yen, you need to submit the "Application for Reimbursement Approval" 2 weeks before reimbursement. Again, please confirm with us before making the purchase, so that the PWS office can submit the application form to the Administration bureau in North Campus.
For reimbursement, when the good have arrived, please email pictures of these goods for proof and to confirm the number of commodities and the name of the commodity.
When you would like reimbursement for postage fees, you need to submit the original delivery sheet (=Customer Copy) that is sealed on the box.
Please consider your purchases through your funds that are registered through Kyoto University as much as you can, rather than the reimbursement procedure.

Checking procedures

Please make sure that every delivered goods are to be brought to Kyoto University's Check Center. You will receive a stamp of approval there on your delivery statement. If there are no stamps of approval of Kyoto University's Check Center on the delivery statement, please send us the following with the original quotation and invoice.
The pictures of these goods via email to confirm the number of commodities and the name of the commodity.
The original delivery sheet (= Customer Copy) that is sealed on the box.

Regarding Travel expenses for attending conferences and Conference registration (participation) fees

- Conference registration fees in addition to travel expenses will be covered by PWS only for International conferences. Even if the International conference is held in Japan, as long as it is an International Conference, the registration fees will be covered by PWS.
- Membership fees for conferences are to be paid on their own: this fee should be covered by TA/RA fees that are paid to students (600,000yen for the year)
- For domestic conferences held in Japan, travel expenses will be covered as the PWS motto is “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever.” However, registration fees are to be paid on their own.