2 nd International TERUHA Forest Conference in Yakushima

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Many thanks to all who attended and supported at the 2 nd International TERUHA Forest Conference in Yakushima. Warm-temperate evergreen broad-leaved forests (TERUHA forests) cover Asian countries from Nepal and Bhutan to western Japan. Living in the TERUHA forests with rich biodiversity, people have benefited from nature and developed their own lifestyles and cultures unique to each environment. Through this conference, we would like to provide opportunities to exchange information and tips for conservation and sustainable use of the TERUHA forests, as well as to discuss the future of people and nature.
  • 2014.06.06 (FRI) 19:00-21:00
    Lectures on cultures in evergreen broad-leaved forests
    (Venue: Yakushima Environmental Culture Village)

  • 2014.06.07 (SAT) 10:00-18:00
    International TERUHA Forest Conference
    (Venue: Yakushima Island Development Center)

  • 2014.06.08 (SUN)
    Excursion (in Yakushima/Kuchinoerabujima)
    (Those visiting Kuchinoerabujima will return on Monday, 9th)

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