CICASP Seminars in Science Communication

On 17:00-18:00 on Wednesdays
in the Large Conference Room, Primate Research Institute

CICASP Seminars in Science Communication
CICASP Seminars in Science Communication
CICASP Seminars in Science Communication
CICASP Seminars in Science Communication

CICASP conducts a weekly CICASP Seminar in Science Communication which aims to develop students’ skills in scientific communication and critical thinking. The goal is to enhance your ability to communicate your own results, discuss scientific topics in English and critically assess scientific literature. As well as learning essential skills for scientists, you will have the opportunity to practise what you learn and receive feedback in a supportive, English-speaking environment. The seminars are designed to be interactive; with the focus on active learning.

CICASP seminar run in blocks of 3-4 sessions per block, each block tackling a major component of scientific communication. For example, blocks might be about things such as building an academic profile and CV, or tackling the publication process, or designing an effective presentation. Each week will build toward the learning objectives of the entire block. Workshops are coordinated and run by Andrew MacIntosh and Susumu Tomiya, with input and support from Yuko Hattori and our various associates and teaching assistants.

CICASP seminars are designed for graduate students and visiting students belonging to the Primate Research Institute, but we try to make our seminars available to students at the Wildlife Research Center where possible, either by holding specific workshops in Kyoto or opening up the seminars to video conference. Announcements are made for each block concerning availability outside of PRI. As far as possible, we strongly encourage all graduate students to attend and improve their skills in scientific communication. All PWS students are expected to attend regularly, as far as they are able given their respective schedules and seminar availability.

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Current Semester Schedule
Introduction to Sci Com Seminars
October 16, 2019

PRI Exposed!
October 23, 30

Inuyama Nerds V: Year in review – share your favorite science story of 2019
December 18

Practice presentations
January 15

Previous CICASP Seminars

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April 2015 - August 2015
CICASP Seminar 01-11
PDF CICASP Seminar 01 15th April, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 02 22nd April, 2015
Elevator Talk
PDF CICASP Seminar 03 20th May, 2015
Asking and Answering Questions after a Presentation
PDF CICASP Seminar 04 27th May, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 05 3rd June, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 06 17th June, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 07 1st July, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 10 29th July, 2015
Practice Presentations with Feedback
PDF CICASP Seminar 08 9th July, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 09 15th July, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 11 5th August, 2015

October 2015 - August 2016
CICASP Seminar 12-39
PDF CICASP Seminar 12 7th October, 2015
Paper Publishing and Peer Review
PDF CICASP Seminar 13 4th November, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 14 18th November, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 15 25th November, 2015
Mini-debates: Hot Topics
PDF CICASP Seminar 16 2nd December, 2015
PDF CICASP Seminar 17 16th December, 2015
Logical Fallacies
PDF CICASP Seminar 18 20th January, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 19 27th January, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 20 3rd February, 2016
Presentation Practice for PWS
PDF CICASP Seminar 21 17th February, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 22 24th February, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 23 2nd March, 2016
Media Coverage: Communication
PDF CICASP Seminar 24 16th March, 2016
Critical Thinking
PDF CICASP Seminar 25 23rd March, 2016
TED Talks: Presenting is Performing
PDF CICASP Seminar 26 30, March, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 27 6th April, 2016
Grant Writing
PDF CICASP Seminar 28 20th April, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 29 27th April, 2016
Critical Reading and Thinking: Science and Society
PDF CICASP Seminar 30 18th May, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 31 25th May, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 32 1st June, 2016
Media Coverage: Kyoto University Process Explained
PDF CICASP Seminar 33 15th June, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 34 22nd June, 2016
Data Visualisation
PDF CICASP Seminar 35 29th, 2016
CICASP Seminar 36 6th July, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 37 20th July, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 38 27th July, 2016
Practice Presentations
CICASP Seminar 39 3rd August, 2016
10th August, 2016

October 2016 - August 2017
CICASP Seminar 40-63
Introduction to Schedule & Brainstorm
PDF CICASP Seminar 40 5th October, 2016
Critical Thinking: Questions to Presenter
PDF CICASP Seminar 41 19th October, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 42 2nd November, 2016
Science Talk: Media Interviews
PDF CICASP Seminar 43 16th November, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 44 30th November, 2016
PDF CICASP Seminar 45 7th December, 2016
Outreach & Education: Know your audience!
PDF CICASP Seminar 46 18th January, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 47 25th January, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 48 1st February, 2017
PWS Practice Presentations
PDF CICASP Seminar 49 15th February, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 50 22nd February, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 51 1st March, 2017
Mini-Debates: Historical Context
PDF CICASP Seminar 52 15th March, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 53 22nd March, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 54 29th March, 2017
Bibliobattle: Persuasion 'by the book'
PDF CICASP Seminar 55 April 19, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 58 May 24, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 59 May 31, 2017
Grant Writing Masterclass
PDF CICASP Seminar 56 April 26, 2017
Workshop Development Session
PDF CICASP Seminar 57 May 17, 2017
Scientific Debates
PDF CICASP Seminar 60 June 21, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 61 June 28, 2017
Practice Presentations
PDF CICASP Seminar 62 July 19, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 63 August 2, 2017

October 2017 - September 2018
CICASP Seminar 64-85
CICASP Seminar 64 October 4, 2017
Scientific Writing
PDF CICASP Seminar 65 October 18, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 66 October 25, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 67 November 01, 2017
Grant Writing
PDF CICASP Seminar 68
Grant Masterclass: Prof. Colin Chapman
November 15, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 69 November 22, 2017
Student Practise Talks
Cancelled November 29, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 70
Student Practise Talks: Interdisciplinary Seminar
December 06, 2017
PDF CICASP Seminar 71 January 24, 2018
Scientific ‘Hot topic' Debate
PDF CICASP Seminar 72 January 31, 2018
First Joint PRI & WRC Seminar My thesis in 90 Seconds
PDF CICASP Seminar 73 Thursday 4-6pm February 8, 2018
CICASP Workshop Data analysis with R
Organised by Dr. Christof Neumann & Dr. Julie Duboscq
More info February 19 - March 02, 2018
Student Practice Presentations for PWS International Symposium
PDF CICASP Seminar 74 February 21, 2018
CICASP Seminar 75 Thursday, March 1, 2018
2nd Joint CICASP Seminar: Student Practice Presentations for PWS International Symposium
GIS Workshop by Dr. Janet Nackoney
Flyer Seminar by Dr. Janet Nackoney (University of Maryland) 4pm March 28, 2018
GIS Workshop
Introduction to Basic GIS Analysis using QGIS for Environmental Conservation
Thursday 9-12am & 2-4pm
March 29, 2018

Friday 9-12am & 2-4pm
March 30, 2018
Grant Writing Masterclass
April 26

Science Communication Speed Dating
May 30; June 6

Fields of Jargon
June 20; June 27

Workshop on Primate Education Network (PEN)
July 19

Presentation Practice
July 4; July 25

August 1; August 8
Follow-up Workshop on Education Programs
September 20

October 2018 - September 2019
CICASP Seminar 86-112
Presentation Practice IV and Creating Academic Profile
February 20; February 27

Creating Academic Web Profiles
February 20 @ WRC

Creating Academic CVs
February 13

Creating Academic Web Profiles
January 23; January 30; February 6

Presentation Practice
January 16

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Presenting
November 21; November 28; December 5

Perspectives in Sci-Comm
November 7

Presentation Practice IV
October 31

October 24

Grant Writing Masterclass
April 17; April 24

Publish or Perish: a walk through the publication process
May 15, 22, 29

Scientific presentation skills
June 5, 12, 19; July 3

Visual Storytelling:
a picture is worth (at least) a 250 word abstract
July 17, 24, 31