The 9th International Symposium
on Primatology and Wildlife Science

Many thanks to all the participants of the 9th International Symposium on Primatology and Wildlife Science.
The 9th International Symposium on Primatology and Wildlife Science
Our annual symposium "The 9th International Symposium on Primatology and Wildlife Science" will be held as follows:

March 03-05, 2018

Symposium Hall(5F) of International Science Innovation Building, Kyoto University
京都大学吉田キャンパス国際科学イノベーション棟 5F シンポジウムホール

All PWS members are expected to attend this symposium to exchange information and to facilitate further collaborations. The level of achievement attained by each PWS student will be evaluated by their conference presentation, interview at the symposium, and taking into account all their achievements while enrolled on this program. We look forward to many of you attending the symposium to share your passion for wildlife with us, and to nurture the next generation of wildlife advocates.

Award Winners

Oral Presentation
1st Prize:
TOGE Akito
"Discrimination of forest guenons' dietary insect and niche overlap using DNA metabarcoding of feces"

2nd Prize:
How Can Community People Actively Participate in Community Conservation ?:
The Case of "Human-Gorilla Conflict Resolution Program (HUGO)" in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda"

3rd Prize:
"Allosuckling and male interference with nursing in wild giraffe"

"Visual attention for adult and infant faces in apes"
Poster Presentation
1st Prize:
"Parasites in Fragments: Parasite Diversity and Distribution in Red-Listed Primates"

2nd Prize:
"Pet food sustains feral cats, which may indirectly affect endangered species on Tokunoshima island"

3rd Prize:
"Swimming order in the group of wild dolphins approaching underwater swimmer: difference by sex and age class"

"Female choice criterion for sexual and/or social partner in bonobos"

Tojotanjona Patrick Razanaparany
"Stable nocturnal activity and seasonal changing diurnal activity of brown lemur (Eulemur fulvus): implication for the advantage of cathemerality from nocturnal to diurnal life"

Schedule.pdf (Last updated date: 28 February, 2018)
3rd March (Sat)
9:30-11:30 Conserv' Session "Gods in Shackles" @Symposium Hall
12:00 [Registration Open]
11:30-13:00 ランチセミナー 「環境省」田和優子 「インターンシップ報告」楊木萌
[Japanese] Lunch Seminar " Ministry of Environment" by Yuko Tawa "Internship Report" by Moe Yanagi @Conference Room
13:00- Opening Remarks by Prof. Matsuzawa [10min]
Progress Report by PWS students Ⅰ [15min] x 7 students (Chair: Yuko Hattori)
Yuri Kawaguchi(L2); Josue Pastrana(L4); Yutaro Sato(L1); Gao Jie(L3); Akito Toge(L2); Shintaro Ishizuka(L3); Nelson Broche(L1)
15:00- Coffee Break
15:15- Progress Report by PWS students Ⅱ [15min] x 7 students (Chair:Takushi Kishida)
Himani Nautiyal(L4); Nachiketha Sharma(L4); Moe Yanagi(L1); Miho Saito(L5); Maegan Fitzgerald(L3); Makiko Take(L3); Liesbeth Frias(L5)
17:00- Group photo [15 min]
Poster Session/PWS exam
18:00- Welcoming Party
4th March (Sun)
9:00- Special Session: Elephant Welfare (Kohshima, Nachi and Duncan)
Raman Sukumar [20min] ; Keith Lindsay [20min] ; Yumi Yamanashi [20min]
Panel discussion and Q & A [60min]
Panelist: Drs. Lindsay, Sukumar, Kohshima, Matsuzawa and Yamanashi
11:00- Coffee Break
11:15- Progress Report by PWS students Ⅲ [15min] x 5 students (Chair: Andrew MacIntosh)
Momoko Oka(L1); Mayuko Nomoto(L2); Anna Kawakita(L2);Miho Tanaka(L2); Ryoma Otsuka(L2)
12:30- Lunch Break
13:30- Progress Report by PWS students Ⅳ [15min] x 6 students (Chair: Ikuma Adachi)
Hiroya Takiyama(L1); Kei Matsushima(L4);Yan Xiaochan(L1); Yugo Kawamoto(L2); Miyeon Kim(L3); Liu Jie(L4)
15:00- Coffee Break
Special Session: Equine Research (Chair: Satoshi Hirata)
Satoshi Hirata [10min] ; Helena Freitas [30min]; Sota Inoue(L2) [15min] ; Monamie Ringhofer [15min]; Renata Mendonca [20min]; Yusuke Hori [20min]
17:00- Poster Session/PWS exam
18:00- Get-together Party
5th March (Mon)
9:00- Poster Award (Chair: Seiko Fukushima)
9:30- Invited Talks by PWS collaborators (Chair: Lira Yu)
Masahiko Horie [30min]; Koustubh Sharma [15min]; Kubanychbek Jumabai uulu [15min] ; Tomoko Kanamori[15min]; Shinya Yamamoto [15min]; Dan Schofield [15min]; Lira Yu [15min]
11:30- Closing Remarks by Prof. Matsuzawa [10min]
The deadline for online registration and abstract submission has passed. Please [click here] to access the online registration form. Changes to your entered information can be made at any time up until the deadline. To help the PWS office to estimate the number of participants, please register as soon as possible. We appreciate your cooperation. Presentation titles and abstracts can be added after initial registration has been completed.
Venue Guide
3/3 108人(うち外国人:38人); 3/4 106人(うち外国人:39人); 3/5 90人(うち外国人:36人)