The 12th International Symposium
on Primatology and Wildlife Science

September 20-22, 2019
Japan Monkey Centre
Program and Abstracts
Award Winners
Oral Presentation
1st prize:
Sota Inoue
"Collective departure in feral horses"

Raquel Costa
"The impact of Ecotourism in the behaviour of mountain gorilla in Bwindi National Park, Uganda"

3rd prize
Ryoma Otsuka
"Popularity of YouTube Contents that Violate the Tourism Regulations May Undermine Conservation of Mountain Gorillas"
Poster Presentation
1st prize:
Xiaochan Yan
"Characterization of bitter taste sensitivity of four species of Sulawesi macaques"

Morgane Allanic
"Social influences on allogrooming behavior in wild bonobos at Wamba, DRC"

Maegan Fitzgerald
"What are the implications of tree cover loss for chimpanzees and humans across the greater Nimba landscape in Guinea?"

Visual storytelling contest sponsored by CICASP:
People's Choice Award: Himani Nautiyal
Science Communication Panel Award: Louie Ueno-Nigh
20th September (Fri)
11:30- Registration Open
12:30- MOU between PWS and Mont-bell [30min]
13:00- Opening remarks (Testuro Matsuzawa) [10min]
Primates in the lab and field Session Chair: Yuko Hattori [25min x2 + 15min x 3]
Simone Pika
Yuri Kawaguchi, Shenwen Xu, Nelson Broche
Alexander Weiss
Coffee break [15min]
15:00- Communicating Science: Expert Panel on Engaging the Media, the Public, and Policy Makers Session Chair: Susumu Tomiya [120min]
Panelists: David Kornhauser (Panel Moderator)
Raymond Kunikane Terhune, Kei Kano, Ayumi Koso, Amanda Alvarez
Facilitators: Andrew MacIntosh, Susumu Tomiya
Coffee break & preparing for poster seesion [30min]
Poster session (light meals and drinks)
Nerd Nite "A journey through time" @ Rest Area, JMC (light meals and drinks)
21st September (Sat)
09:00- PWS faculty meeting [5min]
Wildlife Research in Uganda Session Chair: Chie Hashimoto [25min x 3 + 15min x1]
Eric Sande
Charles Masembe
Moses Chermourt
Shintaro Ishizuka
10:30- Coffee break [10min]
Behavior & Ecology Session Chair: Takushi Kishida [15min x 5]
Nachiketha Sharma, Kim Mi Yeon, Mike Huffman
Himani Nautiya, Sota Inoue
Group photo & Lunch break (light meals and drinks)
13:00- Human-Animal Conflict Session Chair: Satoshi Hirata [25min x 1 + 15min x 2]
Helena Freitas, Raquel Costa, Otsuka Ryoma
Coffee break [10min]
Evolution & Ecology I Session Chair: Ikuma Adachi [25min x 2+ 15min x 3]
Anthony Tosi, Richard Meindl
Danielle Jones, Cody Ruiz, Xu Zhihong
Coffee break [10min]
16:00- Evolution & Ecology Ⅱ Session Chair: Lira Yu [25min x 1 + 15min x 3]
Wilson Chung, He Tianmeng, Wanye Lee
Take Makiko
Coffee break & preparing for poster seesion [30min]
Poster session
(light meals and drinks)
22nd September (Sun)
09:00- Presentation award ceremony [10min]
10 years of CICASP: Making an Impact Within and Beyond Academia in a Global Community Session Chair: Andrew MacIntosh [25min x 3 + 20min x 1 + 15min x 1 + 10min x 1]
Andrew MacIntosh,
Cintia Garai, Ryu Heungjin, Hikaru Wakamori
David Hill, Fred Bercovitch
Coffee break [10min]
11:30- Onsite-Lab Session Chair: Satoshi Hirata [15min x 2]
Makerere Univ., Sorbonne-Nouvelle Univ.
12:00- Closing remarks (Testuro Matsuzawa) [10min]
Lunch break [60min]
Buddha Seminar (Ministry of the Environment) [In Japanese] ブッダセミナー「環境省インターンシップ報告」
進行:福島誠子, 報告者:越智咲穂, 義村弘仁, 鳥井朋恵
Announcements to Symposium Participants

Please see the latest symposium schedule and the detailed program posted on this page. The Symposium will be held in the Visitor Centre of the Japan Monkey Centre (JMC).

JMC Entrance Fees: Although the registration for this symposium is free, all participants other than invited speakers* are asked to pay the admission price of 800 JPY/day or become a Member of the Japan Monkey Centre (3,000 JPY/year) to support the operations of JMC, which is providing the venue for the symposium (Note: To become a member on the first day of the symposium, you would first need to buy an 800-JPY ticket to enter through the Main Gate, and then apply for membership at the Visitor Centre, where the ticket cost will be reimbursed).
*If you are an invited speaker, please tell the staff on duty at the Main Gate that you are an invited speaker at the PWS Symposium, and your entrance fee will be waived.

Getting to JMC: For general information on how to get to JMC, please see their website ( If you are coming from near Inuyama Station, we recommend that you take a taxi. Taking a bus (Gifu Bus) from the station is another option, but note that it only runs every 30 minutes on Friday and every 15–30 minutes on the weekend; the last bus back to Inuyama Station leaves the Japan Monkey Park bus stop (adjacent to JMC) at 18:09 p.m. If you are staying at JMC late into the evening, we will be happy to call a taxi for you.

Oral Presenters: The presentation set-up will include a standard PC (Windows) laptop computer; if you are using it, please transfer your presentation file to that computer during a break before your presentation. Alternatively, speakers may use their own laptop computers, but note that the time it takes to switch computers is included in the allotted time. Please try to bring an appropriate connector if you use a Mac computer.

Poster Presenters: Poster boards for A0-size posters will be set up in the Visitor Center. You can: (A) leave your poster on the poster board overnight, from Friday evening until the end of the Get-together Party on Saturday; or (B) if you don't want to leave your poster unattended, take it down after the poster session on Friday ant put it up again on Saturday for the second poster session. Keep in mind that all JMC visitors, not just symposium attendees, will be able to see the posters that are on display during the day.

The deadline for online registration and abstract submission has passed.
Please [click here] to access the online registration form. Changes to your entered information can be made at any time up until the deadline. To help the PWS office to estimate the number of participants, please register as soon as possible. We appreciate your cooperation. Presentation titles and abstracts can be added after initial registration has been completed.
Registration deadline: August 23, 2019.

Please note confirmation message will be sent automatically to your email address after the submission. If you don't receive it, please let us know (pws_sympo2019_admin [at]

For abstract submission, please use this format of the example abstract as a template.

Please do not change the font type, font size, or other formatting options. The paper title is in 14 pt Bold font. Author name is in 11 pt Regular font. Author affiliation is in 10 pt Italic. E-mail address is in 9 pt Courier Regular font. The entire document should be in Times New Roman or Times font. The font size of the main text (paragraph) should be 12pt. You do not insert any figure and table.

9/20 日本人 61人/外国人 53人
9/21 日本人 53人/外国人 50人
9/22 日本人 57人/外国人 48人