Joint Seminar of Asura International Seminar and PRI Seminar

Influence of culture on pedestrian road-crossing behaviours

Date & Time

August 13th August 07th (Mon), 2018. 16:00-(17:00)


Large conference room, Primate Research Institute, Inuyama

霊長類研究所 大会議室
Marie Pele, PhD
Institut Pluridisciplinnaire Hubert Curien, France
Influence of culture on pedestrian road-crossing behaviours
Pedestrian behaviour has become an important research area as t he size of human population living in big cities increases, and their safety is considered to be a priori ty in infrastructure improvements projects. However, we have very little data concerning how the national traditions of individuals could influence their perception of risks when crossing the road. Indeed, when crossi ng the road, we have to make a trade-off between saving time and avoiding any risk of injuries. To do so, we observed pedestrians living in an Asian culture (Japan) and pedestrians living in a Western culture (Fr ance). In a first study, we investigated how culture influences the individual' s perception of risks when crossing a street, using survival analysis to assess cognitive mechanisms and optimality of decisions underlying road crossing behaviour. In a second study, we investigated the influence of culture on social information used by pedestrians when crossing a street. As expected, our results show differences in decision-making processes of Japanese vs French pedestrians and could help target specific preventive, culture-specific solutions for pedestrian safety.