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The Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science (PWS) strives to realize global well-being. The program aims to foster individuals with the ability to make quick judgements about environmental issues and to design a future global society, while at the same time nurturing leaders indispensable for global action.


How to Apply to the PWS Program

For International students wishing to apply to do a PhD at Kyoto University, CICASP provides the entry point. Once you are enrolled as a PhD candidate (or graduate student) of Kyoto University, you then become eligible to apply to the PWS Program.

The Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science (PWS) is a 5‐year program. Students approved to join the PWS program from their first year of Master’s program will progress from L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, and will complete the program in 5 years.

The PWS program is completed by students parallel to their existing Kyoto University master’s and doctoral programs. Therefore, students do not need to change their supervisor or section/laboratory to join PWS. However, there are two necessary conditions for eligibility
1. A graduate student of Kyoto University: It is required to become a graduate student of the Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science (Kyoto University). However, we are in the process of adjustment for students of other graduate departments to enroll in our program, so please do not hesitate to inquire.
2. To apply and receive approval to enroll into our program: The process is the same for both Japanese natives and foreign students. Eligible students: 1st year Master’s students (will be called L1 student), or a doctoral students (will be called L3 student). Annually, we will disclose the guidelines for applicants in mid‐January, and administer the entrance exam in the beginning of March.

Apply now

The Center for International Collaboration and Advanced Studies in Primatology (CICASP) provides the entry point for those who wish to take entry exams, receive lectures in English. For further information, please visit the CICASP website.

PWS Research Bases


The Birthplace of Japanese Primatology


Fieldwork at an UNESCO World Heritage Site


Deepen and broaden your perspective by investigating topics at different levels of analysis.

Learn from cutting edge research teams

Japan Monkey Centre

Hands-on experience from experienced curators


Learn survival skills at an elevation of 1,300 m

Research Bases Abroad

Amazon, Congo, Borneo, and more...

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Student-led Fieldworks

To develop skills in planning projects aimed at one or more of the three exit points (goals) of the PWS program (i.e., conservation specialization, curation, outreach). Required to design/conduct individual overseas training projects.

Latest Publications

Katarzyna Nowak, Adrian A. Barnett, Ikki Matsuda Eds. (2018) Primates in Flooded Habitats - Ecology and Conservation. Cambridge University Press
Brian Hare and Shinya Yamamoto Eds. (2017) Bonobos: Unique in mind, brain, and behaviour. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. info[at]